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UP Govt. Employees GPF Details
Farrukhabad STD Code: 05692 Kaimganj STD code: 05690 E-mail
Name of Officer Designation Office/Cell Number Resi.Phone E-mail
Shri Mohd. Husain, H.J.S. Distt & Session Judge 234290
Smt.Monika Rani, I.A.S. Distt. Magistrate 234133, 9454417552 234165, 234297 dmfar@nic.in
Superintendent Of Police Superintendent Of Police 234206, 9454400267 234410 spfgh-up@nic.in
Shri Avinash Kumar, I.A.S. Chief Development Officer 234413, 9454464981 234319 drda-far@nic.in
Ms. Deekhsha Bhandari, I.F.S. D.F.O. 241113
Addl. S.P. Addl. S.P. 234206, 9454401044 234249
Shri R.B.Sonker, P.C.S. Addl.D.M.(F&R) 234505, 9454417623 234339 admfr.fr-up@nic.in@nic
Chief Medical Officer Chief Medical Officer 234207, 9454455304 234020 cmofkd@nic.in
Shri Atul Tiwari Sr. Treasury officer 234141, 8765923748 tofar@nic.in
Nagar Magistrate Nagar Magistrate 234208,9454416453
SDM Sadar/Farrukhabad SDM Farrukhabad 234180, 9454416454
SDM Amritpur SDM Amritpur 279010, 9454419007
SDM Kaimganj SDM Kaimganj 05690232029, 9454416455
Addl. SDM Sadar/Farrukhabad Addl. SDM 9454419013
Tehsildar Sadar Tehsildar Sadar 246040, 9454416458
Tehsildar Amritpur Tehsildar Amritpur 9454419008
Tehsildar Kaimganj Tehsildar Kaimganj 05690232014, 9454416459
Shri Surendra Verma S.P.O. 237036, 9454456373
C.O. City C.O. City 235079, 9454401449
C.O. Mohamdabad C.O. Mohamdabad 234410, 9454401451
C.O. Kaimganj C.O. Kaimganj 05690-231371, 9454401450
C.O. Amritpur C.O. Amritpur 234410, 9454401452
Police Control Room - District 9454417450
Police Control Room - Nagar 223791
Women Power Help Line 1090
Police Help Line 100, 1091
Agni Shaman Adhikari Agni Shaman Adhikari 9454418423
Agni Shaman Help Line 101, 9454418424
Dr. B.B. Pushkar CMS Lohia, Male Hospital 240256,
Dr.Saroj Bala Singh CMS Lohia, Female Hospital 240215
D.D.O. Distt. Development Officer 234238, 9454464983 ddofbd@gmail.com
P.D.DRDA Project Director, D.R.D.A. 234326, 9454464982 drda-far@nic
Dr. Pushp Kumar Mukhya Pashu Chikitsa Adhikari 236326
Executive Engineer, NalKoop Khand Executive Engineer, NalKoop Khand 9454414220
Er. Alok Chaturvedi Executive Engineer, Irrigation 234655
Er. Abdul Rauf Siddiqui Assistant Engineer, U.P.S.K.N.Nigam 9454455814
Dy.G.M.,Electricity Dy.G.M.,Electricity 234254, 9415334176
E.E.Electricity Rural Executive Engineer-Electricity Rural 234108, 9415334150
E.E.Electricity Urban Executive Engineer-Electricity Urban 9415334151
Sh. Kamlesh Babu, PES D.I.O.S. 234153, 9454457390
Basic Shiksha Officer(Education) Basic Shiksha Officer(Education) 236149, 9453004159
Sh. Umesh Taneja Principal, I.T.I., Farrukhabad 244057
Shri D.K.Saxena GM Chini Mill, Kaimganj 05690232099
Mohd. Amir Khan Distt. Supply Officer 234512 dsofarrukhabad@gmail.com
Shri Anurag Jain Distt Informatics Officer, NIC 234550, 236747
Distt Information Officer Distt Information Officer 236302, 9453005387
Dr.Sunil Mehrotra Distt T.B. Officer 235528
Supdtt. Distt Jail Supdtt. Distt Jail 234221, 9454418254 236036
Supdtt. Central Jail Supdtt. Central Jail 234806, 9454418250 234992
Sh. Hrishikesh Pandey AIG Stamp 234914
Shri Nepal Singh Distt Shak Bhaji Officer 235624
Shri Ajay Singh Distt Cane Officer 234662
Asistt. Commissioner (VAT) Asistt. Commissioner (VAT) 241263
Shri Suresh Chand Shkya D.E.S.T.O. 234266
Jila Aabkari Adhikari Jila Aabkari Adhikari 234335, 9454465674
Shri Shyam Narayan Gupta Distt Employment Officer 234174
D.P.R.O. Distt Panchayat Raj Officer 234381 dprofr-up@nic.in
Distt Samaj Kalyaan Officer Distt Samaj Kalyaan Officer 235138 dswfarrukhabad@dirsamajkalyan.in
Dr Pushp Kumar Mukhya Pashu Chiktsa Adhikari 236326
AMA Jila Panchayat AMA Jila Panchayat 234784
Shri Atul Agrawal GM, DIC 224957
A.E.(Nirman), Mandi Parishad Assitant Engineer(Nirman), Mandi Parishad 277255
Smt. Roli Gupta Executive Officer, NPP-Farrukhabad 247049
Pratisar Nirikshak R.I.,Police Line 234544, 9454402356
Incharge Kotwali Fatehgarh 234203, 9454403321
Incharge Kotwali Farrukhabd 225136, 9454403326
Incharge Kotwali Kaimganj 05690-232031, 9454403325
Incharge Kotwali Mohamdabad 262224, 9454403329
S.O. Thana Amritpur 274014, 9454403320
S.O. Thana JahanGanj 253225, 9454403322
S.O. Thana KamalGanj 287015, 9454403324
S.O. Thana Kampil 05690-271283, 9454403323
S.O. Thana Maudarwaja 247413, 9454403327
S.O. Thana MeraPur 9454403328
S.O. Thana NawabGanj 05690-272545, 9454403330
S.O. Thana Shamsabad 05690-274252, 9454403332
S.O. Thana Rajepur 272262, 9454403331
S.O. Mahila Thana, Fatehgarh 236089, 9454404765
Inspector LIU Inspector LIU 236324, 9454402062
BDO Badhpur BDO Badhpur 9454464988
BDO KamalGanj BDO KamalGanj 9454464990
BDO Mohamdabad BDO Mohamdabad 9454464989
BDO NawabGanj BDO NawabGanj 9454464985
BDO Kaimganj BDO Kaimganj 9454464984
BDO Shamsabad Incharge/ BDO Shamsabad 9454464986
BDO Rajepur BDO Rajepur 9454464987

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