District Election Office Portal

Election can not be viewed as an isolated event, but is a part of a holistic process for promoting democratic governance. Greater public information & outreach capacity, transparency, capacity building and empowerment of the citizens are the key areas which are being emphasised by the Election Department. Upgrading and cleaning of Electoral Rolls is a continuous process.

Electronic management of Data has helped in creating a system where we are in constant touch with the electors through various means . In times to comes, we propose to strengthen the process by plotting the coverage of polling stations on the digital map of Uttar Pradesh. We are working towards the free flow of information & on line processing of electoral data & production of identity cards at the level of each ERO’s/RO’s and Head Quarters. We seek active co-operation of all the citizens of Uttar Pradesh for setting up a truly citizen friendly, transparent and fair system. We also seek your suggestions for further improving the system and increasing public satisfaction.