Voter List MLC Election (Local Authority), Year 2022

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S.NO Local Authority Name
1 District Farrukhabad:  Panchayat Area, Kaimganj
2 District Farrukhabad:  NPP Kaimganj
3 District Farrukhabad: NP Kampil
4 District Farrukhabad: Panchayat Area, Shamsabad
5 District Farrukhabad: NP Shamsabad
6 District Farrukhabad: Panchayat Area, Nawabganj
7 District Farrukhabad: Panchayat Area, Mohamdabad
8 District Farrukhabad: NP Mohamdabad
9 District Farrukhabad: NPP Farrukhabad Fatehgarh
10 District Farrukhabad: Panchayat Area, Rajepur
11 District Farrukhabad: Jila Panchayat
12 District Farrukhabad: Katak Palika Cantt. Board, Fatehgarh
13 District Farrukhabad: Panchayat Area, Barhpur
14 District Farrukhabad: Panchayat Area, Kamalganj
15 District Farrukhabad: NP Kamalganj
16 District Kannauj: Panchayat Area, Chhibramau
17 District Kannauj: NPP Chhibramau
18 District Kannauj: Panchayat Area, Talgram
19 District Kannauj: NP Sikanderpur
20 District Kannauj: NP Talgram
21 District Kannauj: NPP Gursahayganj
22 District Kannauj: NP Samdhan
23 District Kannauj: Panchayat Area, Saurikh
24 District Kannauj: NP Saurikh
25 District Kannauj: Panchayat Area Haseran
26 District Kannauj: Panchayat Area, Jalalabad
27 District Kannauj: Panchayat Area, Umarda Anshik
28 District Kannauj: NP, Tirwaganj
29 District Kannauj: Panchayat Area, Umarda Anshik
30 District Kannauj: Panchayat Area, Kannauj
31 District Kannauj: NPP Kannauj
32 District Kannauj: Jila Panchayat
33 District Kannauj: Panchayat Area
34 District Etawah: Panchayat Area
35 District Etawah: NPP Jaswant Nagar
36 District Etawah: Panchayat Area, Saifai
37 District Etawah: Panchayat Area, Badhpura
38 District Etawah: Panchayat Area, Basrehar
39 District Etawah: NPP Etawah
40 District Etawah: Jila Panchayat Etawah
41 District Etawah: NP Ekdil
42 District Etawah: Panchayat Area, Chakar Nagar
43 District Etawah: NP Lakhna
44 District Etawah: NP Bakewar
45 District Etawah: Panchayat Area Mahewa
46 District Etawah: Panchayat Area Bharthana
47 District Etawah: NPP Bharthana
48 District Etawah: Panchayat Area, Takha
49 District Auraiya: Panchayat Area, ArwaKatra
50 District Auraiya: Panchayat Area, Bidhuna
51 District Auraiya: NP Bidhuna
52 District Auraiya: Panchayat Area, Achhalda
53 District Auraiya: NP Achhalda
54 District Auraiya: Panchayat Area,  Sarah
55 District Auraiya: NP Phaphund
56 District Auraiya: NP Dibiyapur
57 District Auraiya: Panchayat Area,  Bhagyanagar
58 District Auraiya: Panchayat Area, Ajeetmal
59 District Auraiya: NP Babarpur Ajeetmal
60 District Auraiya: NP Atsu
61 District Auraiya: Panchayat Area, Auraiya
62 District Auraiya: NPP Auraiya
63 District Auraiya: Jila Panchayat Auraiya